IHS Markit Ltd Financials

Net income:
Diluted EPS:

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Income Statement

Quarter EndingRevenue, NetSelling, General and Administrative ExpenseOperating Income (Loss)Operating ExpensesNonoperating Income (Expense)Net Income (Loss) Attributable to ParentCost of Goods and Services SoldEarnings Per Share, DilutedEarnings Per Share, BasicWeighted Average Number of Shares Outstanding, BasicWeighted Average Number of Shares Outstanding, Diluted
2018 May1,008299181828-541153680.280.29392404
2018 Feb932290140792-462413430.590.61398412
2017 Nov945285139806-431063420.260.27400416
2017 Aug905269153752-411463420.350.37398414
2017 May906274137769-37993380.240.25400416
2017 Feb84426896749-31663270.160.16406422
2016 Nov874246112761-27893460.210.21309316
2016 Aug725268-17741-36-32269-0.09-0.09340340
2016 May58820785503-27502120.210.21240241
2016 Feb54918780469-28452110.190.19240242

Cash Flow

Quarter EndingPayments to Acquire Property, Plant, and EquipmentPayments to Acquire Businesses, Net of Cash AcquiredPayments Related to Tax Withholding for Share-based CompensationPayments for Repurchase of Common StockNet Cash Provided by (Used in) Operating ActivitiesNet Cash Provided by (Used in) Investing ActivitiesNet Cash Provided by (Used in) Financing ActivitiesIncrease (Decrease) in Other Operating LiabilitiesIncrease (Decrease) in Other Operating AssetsIncrease (Decrease) in Deferred RevenueIncrease (Decrease) in Accounts ReceivableIncrease (Decrease) in Accounts PayableIncome Tax Expense (Benefit)Cash and Cash Equivalents, Period Increase (Decrease)
2018 May            12 
2018 Feb55 77173203-55-119321125111-1-14722
2017 Nov18940123726711-580-16316-6-13311-7-9 
2017 Aug            -37 
2017 May            -1 
2017 Feb72067592251-66-16724113717-13-416
2016 Nov123-99 502487148-5704-39-116-334-6 
2016 Aug            -23 
2016 May            13 
2016 Feb251,113 104152-1,13074762610241-1610-232


Quarter EndingCash and Cash Equivalents, at Carrying ValueAccounts Receivable, Net, CurrentAssets, CurrentProperty, Plant and Equipment, NetGoodwillDeferred Revenue, CurrentAssets
2018 May1597042,2075098,14287214,466
2018 Feb1568031,1665408,81091914,697
2017 Nov1346941,0155318,77979114,554
2017 Aug1546569725078,35881414,017
2017 May1636701,0244708,27786914,071
2017 Feb1556691,0454458,19890714,006
2016 Nov1396369344168,21077013,937
2016 Aug2015159303928,42480314,328
2016 May       
2016 Feb61      

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