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TXMD Price Correlated With Financials For TherapeuticsMD

Free historical financial statements for TherapeuticsMD Inc.. See how revenue, income, cash flow, and balance sheet financials have changed over 41 quarters since 2012. Compare with TXMD stock chart to see long term trends.

TXMD Stock Compared to Quarterly

TXMD Income Statement

Revenue, Net:19333000
Revenue Per Share:2.2302
Cost of Goods & Services Sold:4860000
Gross Profit:14473000
Selling, General & Admin Expense:20407000
Research & Development Expense:1400000
Total Operating Expenses:40702000
Operating Income:-49021000
Income Taxes:0
Net Income:-49021000
Earnings Per Share, Basic:-5.69
Shares Outstanding, Basic Avg:8668558

TXMD Cash Flow

Operating Activities Net Income:
Depreciation, Depletion & Amortization:1100000
Change in Accounts Receiveable:-489000
Net Cash from Operations:-29526000
Net Cash from Operations Per Share:-3.4061
Net Cash from Financing Activities:-5000000
Property, Plant & Equipment Purchases:42000
Net Cash from Investing Activities:-212000
Net Change in Cash & Equivalents:-34738000

TXMD Balance Sheet

Cash and Cash Equivalents:30384000
Accounts Receivable, Net:35413000
Total Current Assets:84424000
Property, Plant & Equipment, Net:1082000
Total Assets:133381000
Accounts Payable:20753000
Current Portion of Long-Term Debt:202857000
Total Short-Term Liabilities:264835000
Long Term Debt, Non-Current Portion:null
Total Liabilities:273961000

Insider Trading

SEC Form 4
Rubric Capital Management LP   10% Owner
580,000 sh at $26
Rubric Capital Management LP   10% Owner
82,580 sh at $6

Major Holders (from 13F filings)

Investment Type
Value (x$1000)
increase or decrease
Blackrock Inc.
24,442,512 sh
-452,300 sh
Vanguard Group Inc
17,448,224 sh
-2,681,156 sh
Morgan Stanley
7,257,018 sh
-509,588 sh
Geode Capital Management, LLC
6,628,058 sh
110,545 sh
C Worldwide Group Holding A/S
6,189,834 sh
Rubric Capital Management Lp
5,344,302 sh
Northern Trust Corp
3,536,676 sh
-143,777 sh
Healthcare Of Ontario Pension Plan Trust Fund
3,445,600 sh
3,445,600 sh
Renaissance Technologies LLC
3,147,599 sh
2,231,301 sh
Stifel Financial Corp
2,833,967 sh
905,994 sh
Bank Of New York Mellon Corp
1,049,708 sh
Charles Schwab Investment Management Inc
858,241 sh
-137,891 sh
808,461 sh
-13,679,419 sh
Sanders Morris Harris LLC
512,633 sh
-1,500 sh
Panagora Asset Management Inc
443,974 sh
-7,682 sh
Traynor Capital Management, Inc.
367,991 sh
Group One Trading, L.P.
345,503 sh
156,687 sh
Raymond James Financial Services Advisors, Inc.
327,956 sh
-5,880 sh
Rhumbline Advisers
312,526 sh
14,372 sh
JPMorgan Chase & Co
255,249 sh
46,974 sh

Business, basis of presentation, new accounting standards and summary of significant accounting policies

TherapeuticsMD, Inc. (the “Company”), a Nevada corporation, and its consolidated subsidiaries are referred to collectively in this Annual Report on Form 10-K (“2021 10-K Report”) as “TherapeuticsMD,” “we,” “our” and “us.” This 2021 10-K Report includes our trademarks, trade names and service marks, such as TherapeuticsMD ®, vitaMedMD ®, BocaGreenMD ®, vitaCare TM, IMVEXXY ®, BIJUVA ® and ANNOVERA ®, which are protected under applicable intellectual property laws and are the property of, or licensed to, the Company. Solely for convenience, trademarks, trade names and service marks referred to in this 2021 10-K Report may appear without the ®, TM or SM symbols, but such references are not intended to indicate, in any way, that we will not assert, to the fullest extent under applicable law, our rights or the right of the applicable licensor to these trademarks, trade names and service marks. We do not intend our use or display of other parties’ trademarks, trade names or service marks to imply, and such use or display should not be construed to imply a relationship with, or endorsement or sponsorship of us by, these other parties.
We are a women’s healthcare company with a mission of creating and commercializing innovative products to support the lifespan of women from pregnancy prevention through menopause. At TherapeuticsMD, we combine entrepreneurial spirit, clinical expertise, and business leadership to develop and commercialize health solutions that enable new standards of care for women. Our solutions range from a patient-controlled, long-lasting contraceptive to advanced hormone therapy pharmaceutical products. We also have a portfolio of branded and generic prescription prenatal vitamins under the vitaMedMD and BocaGreenMD brands. Our portfolio of products focused on women’s health allows us to efficiently leverage our sales and marketing plan to grow our recently approved products.
Beginning in 2018, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) approval of our pharmaceutical products transitioned our company from predominately focused on conducting research and development to one focused on commercializing our pharmaceutical products.

In July 2018, we launched our FDA-approved product IMVEXXY (estradiol vaginal inserts) for the treatment of moderate-to-severe dyspareunia (vaginal pain associated with sexual activity), a symptom of vulvar and vaginal atrophy, or VVA, due to menopause, which was approved by the FDA in May 2018.

In April 2019, we launched our FDA-approved product BIJUVA (estradiol and progesterone) capsules, our hormone therapy combination of bioidentical 17ß-estradiol and bio-identical progesterone in a single, oral softgel capsule, for the treatment of moderate-to-severe vasomotor symptoms, or VMS, due to menopause in women with a uterus, which was approved by the FDA in October 2018.

In October 2019, we began a “test and learn” market introduction for our FDA-approved product ANNOVERA (segesterone acetate and ethinyl estradiol vaginal system), the first and only annual patient-controlled, procedure-free, reversible prescription contraceptive option for women, which was approved by the FDA in August 2018 and which we have licensed for commercialization in the U.S. pursuant to an exclusive license agreement with the Population Council, Inc. (the “Population Council”), or the Population Council License Agreement. We paused the full commercial launch of ANNOVERA in March 2020 due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and resumed this initiative in July 2020.

We have also entered into license agreements with strategic partners to commercialize IMVEXXY and BIJUVA outside of the U.S.

In July 2018, we entered into a license and supply agreement (the “Knight License Agreement”) with Knight Therapeutics Inc. (“Knight”) pursuant to which we granted Knight an exclusive license to c

Data imported from TherapeuticsMD Inc. SEC filings. Check original filings before making any investment decision.