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Factset Research Systems Financials and Smart Investor 13F Alerts

Sourced from Factset Research Systems Inc (FDS) SEC filings. All data provided as-is without any warranty. Check original SEC filings before making any investment decision.

FDS Income Statement

Revenue, Net:369780000
Cost of Goods and Services Sold:null
Selling, General and Administrative Expense:87305000
Total Operating Expenses:176218000
Operating Income:106257000
Income Taxes:14423000
Net Income (Loss) Attributable to Parent:88686000
Earnings Per Share, Diluted:2.3
Earnings Per Share, Basic:2.34
Weighted Average Number of Shares Outstanding, Basic:37875000
Weighted Average Number of Shares Outstanding, Diluted:38576000

FDS Cash Flow

Depreciation, Depletion and Amortization:13906000
Change in Accounts Receiveable:22710000
Net Cash from Operations:99669000
Payments for Repurchase of Common Stock:74172000
Cash Dividends Paid:27104000
Net Cash from Financing Activities:-69102000
Payments to Acquire Property, Plant, and Equipment:25119000
Net Cash from Investing Activities:-22793000
Net Change in Cash and Cash Equivalents:7271000

FDS Balance Sheet

Cash and Cash Equivalents:343488000
Accounts Receivable, Net:168139000
Total Current Assets:601105000
Property, Plant and Equipment, Net:135016000
Other Non-Current Assets:30469000
Total Assets:1828572000
Total Current Liabilities:228529000
Long-Term Income Taxes:25958000
Total Liabilities:1111812000