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HUM Price Correlated With Financials For Humana

Free historical financial statements for Humana Inc. See how revenue, income, cash flow, and balance sheet financials have changed over 51 quarters since 2010. Compare with HUM stock chart to see long term trends.

HUM Stock Compared to Quarterly

HUM Income Statement

Revenue, Net:22799000000
Revenue Per Share:180.0864
Selling, General & Admin Expense:3061000000
Total Operating Expenses:21627000000
Operating Income:1300000000
Income Taxes:107000000
Net Income:1195000000
Earnings Per Share, Basic:9.45
Shares Outstanding, Basic Avg:126600318

HUM Cash Flow

Operating Activities Net Income:
Net Cash from Operations:8453000000
Net Cash from Operations Per Share:66.7692
Repurchases/Buybacks Common Stock:4000000
Cash Dividends Paid:100000000
Net Cash from Financing Activities:-1791000000
Property, Plant & Equipment Purchases:288000000
Purchases of Businesses, Net of Cash:126000000
Net Cash from Investing Activities:1676000000
Net Change in Cash & Equivalents:8338000000

HUM Balance Sheet

Cash and Cash Equivalents:13558000000
Short-Term Investments:13124000000
Total Current Assets:33711000000
Property, Plant & Equipment, Net:3218000000
Total Assets:50765000000
Total Short-Term Liabilities:25051000000
Long Term Debt, Non-Current Portion:7798000000
Total Liabilities:34448000000

Major Holders (from 13F filings)

Investment Type
Value (x$1000)
increase or decrease
Blackrock Inc.
11,571,058 sh
11,516,358 sh
Vanguard Group Inc
11,181,313 sh
147,619 sh
Wellington Management Group Llp
8,975,686 sh
-420,829 sh
6,919,578 sh
165,945 sh
Price T Rowe Associates Inc /Md/
6,792,073 sh
-780,378 sh
State Street Corp
5,613,554 sh
53,899 sh
Capital International Investors
3,338,129 sh
-21,752 sh
Capital Research Global Investors
2,838,670 sh
-1,051,470 sh
Geode Capital Management, LLC
2,167,946 sh
69,266 sh
Capital World Investors
1,718,981 sh
88 sh
Bank Of New York Mellon Corp
1,692,255 sh
654,681 sh
JPMorgan Chase & Co
1,674,270 sh
-143,068 sh
Morgan Stanley
1,397,577 sh
48,093 sh
Newport Trust Co
1,352,443 sh
-14,735 sh
Northern Trust Corp
1,302,705 sh
-16,024 sh
Goldman Sachs Group Inc
1,292,435 sh
231,760 sh
Franklin Resources Inc
1,171,311 sh
-33,254 sh
Citadel Advisors LLC
1,149,177 sh
919,677 sh
Dimensional Fund Advisors LP
1,126,002 sh
5,926 sh
Invesco Ltd.
1,074,226 sh
240,833 sh
BASIS OF PRESENTATION AND SIGNIFICANT EVENTS The accompanying condensed consolidated financial statements are presented in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles for interim financial information and with the instructions to Form 10-Q and Article 10 of Regulation S-X. Accordingly, they do not include all of the disclosures normally required by accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America, or GAAP, or those normally made in an Annual Report on Form 10-K. The year-end condensed consolidated balance sheet data was derived from audited financial statements, but does not include all disclosures required by GAAP. For further information, the reader of this Form 10-Q should refer to our Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2021, that was filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, or the SEC, on February 17, 2022. We refer to the Form 10-K as the “2021 Form 10-K” in this document. References throughout this document to “we,” “us,” “our,” “Company,” and “Humana” mean Humana Inc. and its subsidiaries.

The preparation of our condensed consolidated financial statements in accordance with GAAP requires us to make estimates and assumptions that affect the amounts reported in the condensed consolidated financial statements and accompanying notes. The areas involving the most significant use of estimates are the estimation of benefits payable, the impact of risk adjustment provisions related to our Medicare contracts, the valuation and related impairment recognition of investment securities, and the valuation and related impairment recognition of long-lived assets, including goodwill and indefinite-lived intangible assets. These estimates are based on knowledge of current events and anticipated future events, and accordingly, actual results may ultimately differ materially from those estimates. Refer to Note 2 to the consolidated financial statements included in our 2021 Form 10-K for information on accounting policies that we consider in preparing our consolidated financial statements.

The financial information has been prepared in accordance with our customary accounting practices and has not been audited. In our opinion, the information presented reflects all adjustments necessary for a fair statement of interim results. All such adjustments are of a normal and recurring nature.

Value Creation Initiatives

During 2022, in order to create capacity to fund growth and investment in our Medicare Advantage business and further expansion of our Healthcare Services capabilities in 2023, we committed to drive additional value for the enterprise through cost saving, productivity initiatives, and value acceleration from previous investments. As a result of these initiatives, during the second quarter of 2022, we recorded a charge of $203 million, primarily related to asset and software impairment and abandonment in the amount of $140 million. These charges are included within operating costs in the condensed consolidated statements of income for the three and six months ended June 30, 2022, and were recorded at the corporate level and not allocated to the segments. Included in this charge is $21 million in future severance payments in connection with the optimization of our workforce to increase speed, agility, and the pace at which Humana must work as a large, integrated healthcare organization. We expect this liability to be primarily paid within the next 12 months and classified it as a current liability, included in trade accounts payable and accrued expenses.


The emergence and spread of the novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, beginning in the first quarter of 2020 has impacted our business. During periods of increased incidences of COVID-19, a reduction in non-COVID-19 hospital admissions for non-emergent and elective medical care have resulted in lower overall healthcare system utilization. At the same time, COVID-19 treatment and testing costs increased utilization. During t

Data imported from Humana Inc SEC filings. Check original filings before making any investment decision.