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EXPE Price Correlated With Financials For Expedia

Free historical financial statements for Expedia Group Inc. See how revenue, income, cash flow, and balance sheet financials have changed over 45 quarters since 2011. Compare with EXPE stock chart to see long term trends.

EXPE Stock Compared to Quarterly

EXPE Income Statement

Revenue, Net:2249000000
Revenue Per Share:14.3857
Cost of Goods & Services Sold:371000000
Selling, General & Admin Expense:1339000000
Operating Income:-208000000
Income Taxes:-85000000
Net Income:-123000000
Earnings Per Share, Basic:-0.78
Shares Outstanding, Basic Avg:156336000

EXPE Cash Flow

Operating Activities Net Income:
Depreciation, Depletion & Amortization:197000000
Change in Accounts Receiveable:476000000
Net Cash from Operations:2991000000
Net Cash from Operations Per Share:19.1319
Repurchases/Buybacks Common Stock:47000000
Cash Dividends Paid:null
Net Cash from Financing Activities:-663000000
Property, Plant & Equipment Purchases:156000000
Net Cash from Investing Activities:13000000
Net Change in Cash & Equivalents:2330000000

EXPE Balance Sheet

Cash and Cash Equivalents:8135000000
Short-Term Investments:0
Accounts Receivable, Net:1736000000
Total Current Assets:11147000000
Property, Plant & Equipment, Net:2169000000
Total Assets:24577000000
Current Portion of Long-Term Debt:0
Total Short-Term Liabilities:12469000000
Long Term Debt, Non-Current Portion:7719000000

Insider Trading

SEC Form 4
Kern Peter M   CEO and Vice Chairman
6,000 sh at $168
Organization and Basis of Presentation Description of Business

Expedia Group, Inc. and its subsidiaries provide travel products and services to leisure and corporate travelers in the United States and abroad as well as various media and advertising offerings to travel and non-travel advertisers. These travel products and services are offered through a diversified portfolio of brands including: Brand Expedia®,®, Expedia® Partner Solutions, Vrbo®, trivago®, Orbitz®, Travelocity®, Hotwire®, Wotif®, ebookers®, CheapTickets®, Expedia Group™ Media Solutions,™, Expedia Cruises TM , and Traveldoo®. In addition, many of these brands have related international points of sale. We refer to Expedia Group, Inc. and its subsidiaries collectively as “Expedia Group,” the “Company,” “us,” “we” and “our” in these consolidated financial statements.


The COVID-19 pandemic has severely restricted the level of economic activity around the world, had an unprecedented effect on the global travel industry and materially and negatively impacted our business, financial results and financial condition. Since the first quarter of 2020, the governments of many countries, states, cities and other geographic regions have implemented, and continue to implement, a variety of containment measures, including travel restrictions, bans and advisories, instructions to practice social distancing, curfews, quarantine advisories, including quarantine restrictions after travel in certain locations, “shelter-in-place” orders, required closures of non-essential businesses, vaccination mandates or requirements for businesses to confirm employees’ vaccination status, and other restrictions. While the process of vaccinating their residents against COVID-19 is underway in many countries, with various levels of success, the large scale and challenging logistics of distributing the vaccines, the unavailability of vaccines in many regions, the impact of vaccine hesitancy, as well as uncertainty over the efficacy of the vaccine against new variants of the virus, may all contribute to delays in economic recovery, particularly for the travel industry. Overall, the full duration and total impact of COVID-19 remains uncertain and it is difficult to predict how the recovery will unfold for the travel industry and, in particular, our business, going forward.

Basis of Presentation

The accompanying consolidated financial statements include Expedia Group, Inc., our wholly-owned subsidiaries, and entities we control, or in which we have a variable interest and are the primary beneficiary of expected cash profits or losses. We record our investments in entities that we do not control, but over which we have the ability to exercise significant influence, using the equity method or at fair value. We have eliminated significant intercompany transactions and accounts.

We believe that the assumptions underlying our consolidated financial statements are reasonable. However, these consolidated financial statements do not present our future financial position, the results of our future operations and cash flows.


We generally experience seasonal fluctuations in the demand for our travel services. For example, traditional leisure travel bookings are generally the highest in the first three quarters as travelers plan and book their spring, summer and winter holiday travel. The number of bookings typically decreases in the fourth quarter. Since revenue for most of our travel services, including merchant and agency hotel, is recognized as the travel takes place rather than when it is booked, revenue typically lags bookings by several weeks for our hotel business and can be several months or more for our alternative accommodations business. Historically, Vrbo has seen seasonally stronger bookings in the first quarter of the year, with the relevant stays occurring during the peak summer travel months. The seasonal revenue impact is exacerbated with res

Data imported from Expedia Group Inc SEC filings. Check original filings before making any investment decision.