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ONTO Price Correlated With Financials For Onto Innovation

Free historical financial statements for Onto Innovation Inc.. See how revenue, income, cash flow, and balance sheet financials have changed over 42 quarters since 2012. Compare with ONTO stock chart to see long term trends.

ONTO Stock Compared to Quarterly

ONTO Income Statement

Revenue, Net:256310000
Revenue Per Share:5.1591
Cost of Goods & Services Sold:124183000
Gross Profit:132127000
Selling, General & Admin Expense:18306000
Research & Development Expense:25637000
Total Operating Expenses:74676000
Operating Income:57451000
Income Taxes:5678000
Net Income:51575000
Earnings Per Share, Basic:1.04
Shares Outstanding, Basic Avg:49680837

ONTO Cash Flow

Operating Activities Net Income:
Net Cash from Operations:9932000
Net Cash from Operations Per Share:0.1999
Net Cash from Financing Activities:1445000
Property, Plant & Equipment Purchases:4408000
Purchases of Businesses, Net of Cash:null
Net Cash from Investing Activities:94000
Net Change in Cash & Equivalents:7712000

ONTO Balance Sheet

Cash and Cash Equivalents:180175000
Accounts Receivable, Net:234731000
Total Current Assets:1085631000
Property, Plant & Equipment, Net:82986000
Total Assets:1761460000
Accounts Payable:72248000
Total Short-Term Liabilities:176667000
Total Liabilities:233517000

Major Holders (from 13F filings)

Investment Type
Value (x$1000)
increase or decrease
Blackrock Inc.
7,756,266 sh
-26,944 sh
Vanguard Group Inc
5,373,380 sh
20,228 sh
Dimensional Fund Advisors LP
1,820,693 sh
-52,843 sh
Robecosam Ag
1,300,000 sh
120,000 sh
Hood River Capital Management LLC
1,231,253 sh
43,050 sh
Geneva Capital Management LLC
1,185,363 sh
-13,552 sh
Fisher Asset Management, LLC
1,179,089 sh
2,957 sh
Alliancebernstein L.P.
1,097,264 sh
313,054 sh
Geode Capital Management, LLC
846,155 sh
29,703 sh
Timessquare Capital Management, LLC
672,435 sh
-35,055 sh
Stephens Investment Management Group LLC
635,194 sh
9,992 sh
Brown Advisory Inc
629,712 sh
32,275 sh
Franklin Resources Inc
608,342 sh
-44,361 sh
Northern Trust Corp
593,876 sh
-18,207 sh
Bank Of New York Mellon Corp
572,419 sh
-26,173 sh
Standard Life Aberdeen Plc
553,336 sh
-172,151 sh
Invesco Ltd.
541,106 sh
-106,140 sh
Royce & Associates Lp
529,087 sh
73,542 sh
442,095 sh
15,319 sh
Palisade Capital Management LLC/Nj
441,881 sh
-26,455 sh
NOTE 1. Basis of Presentation
The Company operates on a 52- or 53-week fiscal year ending on the Saturday closest to December 31 st. Our fiscal year ending December 31, 2022 (“fiscal year 2022”) is a 52-week fiscal year. The first quarter of the Company’s fiscal year 2022 ended on April 2, 2022, the second quarter ends on July 1, 2022 and the third quarter ends on October 1, 2022. Our fiscal year ended January 1, 2022 was a 53-week fiscal year.
The accompanying interim unaudited Condensed Consolidated Financial Statements have been prepared by Onto Innovation Inc. (together with its consolidated subsidiaries, unless otherwise specified or suggested by the context, the “Company,” or “Onto Innovation,” “we,” “our” or “us”) and in the opinion of management reflect all adjustments, consisting of normal recurring accruals, necessary for their fair presentation in accordance with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America (“U.S. GAAP”).  Preparing financial statements requires management to make estimates and assumptions that affect amounts reported in the financial statements and accompanying notes.  Actual amounts could differ materially from reported amounts.  The interim results for the three months ended April 2, 2022 are not necessarily indicative of results to be expected for the entire year or any future periods.  This interim financial information should be read in conjunction with the financial statements and the notes thereto included in the Company’s Annual Report on Form 10-K for the year ended January 1, 2022 (the “2021 Form 10-K”) filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) on February 25, 2022.  The accompanying Condensed Consolidated Balance Sheet at January 1, 2022 has been derived from the audited consolidated financial statements included in the 2021 Form 10-K.
Use of Estimates
The preparation of financial statements in conformity with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America requires management to make estimates and assumptions that affect the reported amounts of assets and liabilities and disclosure of contingent assets and liabilities as of the date of the financial statements and the reported amounts of revenue and expenses during the reporting period. Significant estimates made by management include the allowance for credit losses, excess and obsolete inventory, fair value of assets acquired and liabilities assumed in a business combination, recoverability and useful lives of property, plant and equipment and identifiable intangible assets, recoverability of goodwill, recoverability of deferred tax assets, liabilities for product warranty, contingencies, including litigation reserves and share-based payments and liabilities for tax uncertainties. Actual results could differ from those estimates.
These estimates and assumptions are based on historical experience and on various other factors which the Company believes to be reasonable under the circumstances. The Company may engage third-party valuation specialists to assist with estimates related to the valuation of financial instruments, assets and stock awards associated with various contractual arrangements. Such estimates often require the selection of appropriate valuation methodologies and significant judgment. Actual results could differ from these estimates under different assumptions or circumstances and such differences could be material.

Adoption of Accounting Standards
There have been no recent accounting pronouncements or changes in accounting pronouncements during the three months ended April 2, 2022, as compared to the recent accounting pronouncements described in the Company’s Annual Report on Form 10-K for the fiscal year ended January 1, 2022, that are of significance, or potential significance to the Company.

Data imported from Onto Innovation Inc. SEC filings. Check original filings before making any investment decision.