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TPIC Price Correlated With Financials For TPI Composites

Free historical financial statements for TPI Composites Inc.. See how revenue, income, cash flow, and balance sheet financials have changed over 23 quarters since 2017. Compare with TPIC stock chart to see long term trends.

TPIC Stock Compared to Quarterly

TPIC Income Statement

Revenue, Net:459271000
Revenue Per Share:10.9392
Cost of Goods & Services Sold:450599000
Gross Profit:8672000
Selling, General & Admin Expense:8030000
Operating Income:8644000
Income Taxes:10111000
Net Income:-16443000
Earnings Per Share, Basic:-0.39
Shares Outstanding, Basic Avg:41984000

TPIC Cash Flow

Operating Activities Net Income:
Depreciation, Depletion & Amortization:10726000
Change in Accounts Receiveable:-5435000
Net Cash from Operations:-25934000
Net Cash from Operations Per Share:-0.6177
Repurchases/Buybacks Common Stock:0
Net Cash from Financing Activities:-139000
Property, Plant & Equipment Purchases:3482000
Net Cash from Investing Activities:-3482000
Net Change in Cash & Equivalents:-24713000

TPIC Balance Sheet

Cash and Cash Equivalents:138959000
Accounts Receivable, Net:184029000
Total Current Assets:606723000
Property, Plant & Equipment, Net:157391000
Total Assets:950366000
Total Short-Term Liabilities:411393000
Long Term Debt, Non-Current Portion:1227000
Total Liabilities:561457000

Major Holders (from 13F filings)

Investment Type
Value (x$1000)
increase or decrease
Blackrock Inc.
4,568,783 sh
-65,735 sh
Vanguard Group Inc
1,923,249 sh
90,344 sh
Morgan Stanley
1,547,774 sh
-97,915 sh
Invesco Ltd.
1,541,145 sh
166,919 sh
State Street Corp
1,445,987 sh
50,922 sh
Credit Suisse Ag/
1,206,738 sh
-170,355 sh
Millennium Management LLC
1,044,492 sh
1,044,492 sh
Arosa Capital Management Lp
986,000 sh
986,000 sh
Deutsche Bank Ag\
941,389 sh
-28,191 sh
Oaktree Capital Management LP
700,739 sh
700,739 sh
Geode Capital Management, LLC
691,823 sh
31,733 sh
Citadel Advisors LLC
659,982 sh
641,682 sh
Dimensional Fund Advisors LP
535,233 sh
-155,000 sh
Driehaus Capital Management LLC
515,366 sh
515,366 sh
Renaissance Technologies LLC
454,200 sh
-107,200 sh
Guinness Asset Management Ltd
453,976 sh
32,226 sh
Charles Schwab Investment Management Inc
445,791 sh
55,877 sh
Royce & Associates Lp
437,600 sh
42,600 sh
Two Sigma Advisers, Lp
434,700 sh
-23,500 sh
Triodos Investment Management Bv
425,000 sh
75,000 sh
(a) Description of Business and Basis of Presentation
TPI Composites, Inc. is the holding company that conducts substantially all of its business operations through its direct and indirect subsidiaries (collectively, the Company). The Company was founded in 1968 and has been providing composite wind blades since 2001. The Company’s knowledge and experience of composite materials and manufacturing originates with its predecessor company, Tillotson Pearson Inc., a leading manufacturer of high-performance sail and powerboats along with a wide range of composite structures used in other industrial applications. Following the separation from the boat building business in 2004, the Company reorganized in Delaware as LCSI Holding, Inc. The Company changed its corporate name to TPI Composites, Inc. in 2008. Today, the Company is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona and has expanded its global footprint to include domestic facilities in Newton, Iowa; Fall River, Massachusetts; Warren, Rhode Island and Santa Teresa, New Mexico and international facilities in Dafeng, China; Taicang Port, China; Taicang City, China; Juárez, Mexico and Izmir, Turkey.
The Company divides its business operations into four geographic operating segments—the United States, Asia, Mexico and Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), as follows:

The U.S. segment includes (1) the manufacturing of wind blades at the Newton, Iowa plant, (2) the manufacturing of precision molding and assembly systems used for the manufacture of wind blades at the Warren, Rhode Island facility, (3) the manufacturing of composite solutions for the transportation industry, which the Company also conducts at its Rhode Island and Massachusetts facilities and (4) its corporate headquarters, the costs of which are included in general and administrative expenses.

The Asia segment includes (1) the manufacturing of wind blades at the facility in Taicang Port, China and at its two facilities in Dafeng, China, (2) the manufacturing of precision molding and assembly systems at the Taicang City, China facility, (3) the manufacture of components at the second Taicang Port, China facility and (4) wind blade inspection and repair services.

The Mexico segment manufactures wind blades from its three facilities in Juárez, Mexico, one of which commenced operations in 2014, the second during the third quarter of 2016 and the third in January 2017.

The EMEA segment manufactures wind blades from its two facilities in Izmir, Turkey. The Company entered into a joint venture in 2012 to produce wind blades at the first Turkey plant and in 2013 became the sole owner of the Turkey operation with the acquisition of the remaining 25% interest. The EMEA segment commenced operations at its second facility during the third quarter of 2016.

The accompanying consolidated financial statements include the accounts of TPI Composites, Inc. and all majority owned subsidiaries. All significant intercompany transactions and balances have been eliminated.

Data imported from TPI Composites Inc. SEC filings. Check original filings before making any investment decision.