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XRX Stock Price Correlated With Xerox Holdings Financials

XRX Stock Price vs. Quarterly
Income Statement
Cash Flow
Balance Sheet

XRX Income Statement

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Revenue, Net:
Revenue Per Share:
Cost of Goods & Services Sold:
Gross Profit:
Selling, General & Admin Expense:
Research & Development Expense:
Total Operating Expenses:
Operating Income:
Income Taxes:
Net Income:
Earnings Per Share, Diluted:
Earnings Per Share, Basic:
Shares Outstanding, Basic Avg:
Shares Outstanding, Diluted Avg:
Common Stock Shares Outstanding:

XRX Cash Flow

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Operating Activities Net Income:
Depreciation, Depletion & Amortization:
Change in Accounts Receiveable:
Net Cash from Operations:
Net Cash from Operations Per Share:
Repurchases/Buybacks Common Stock:
Issuance of Long-term Debt:
Cash Dividends Paid:
Net Cash from Financing Activities:
Property, Plant & Equipment Purchases:
Purchases of Businesses, Net of Cash:
Net Cash from Investing Activities:
Net Change in Cash & Equivalents:

XRX Balance Sheet

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Cash and Cash Equivalents:
Short-Term Investments:
Accounts Receivable, Net:
Total Current Assets:
Property, Plant & Equipment, Net:
Total Assets:
Accounts Payable:
Current Portion of Long-Term Debt:
Total Short-Term Liabilities:
Long Term Debt, Non-Current Portion:
Total Long-Term Liabilities:
Total Liabilities:

Major Holders (from 13F filings)

Investment Type
Value (x$1000)
increase or decrease
Carl Icahn
34,245,314 sh
16,391,258 sh
15,561,258 sh
Vanguard Group
14,326,412 sh
1,128,624 sh
Dimensional Fund Advisors
9,004,949 sh
215,427 sh
Lsv Asset Management
5,968,955 sh
93,350 sh
State Street
4,785,150 sh
-5,607 sh
Jacobs Levy Equity Management
2,851,898 sh
-170,959 sh
Geode Capital Management
2,435,033 sh
133,551 sh
Bank Of New York Mellon
2,074,474 sh
-41,270 sh
Arrowstreet Capital, Limited Partnership
1,551,494 sh
1,284,998 sh
1,509,854 sh
4,473 sh
Susquehanna International Group,
Put options for 1,313,800 sh
1,313,800 sh
Charles Schwab Investment Management
1,305,670 sh
22,160 sh
Goldman Sachs Group
1,298,280 sh
-319,039 sh
Nuveen Asset Management
1,288,978 sh
507,321 sh
Aqr Capital Management
1,235,437 sh
-653,933 sh
Two Sigma Advisers, Lp
1,208,050 sh
-249,300 sh
Millennium Management
Put options for 1,200,600 sh
1,200,600 sh
Bank Of America /De/
1,191,598 sh
1,170,198 sh
Morgan Stanley
962,721 sh
-192,261 sh
Basis of Presentation References to “Xerox Holdings” refer to Xerox Holdings Corporation and its consolidated subsidiaries while references to “Xerox” refer to Xerox Corporation and its consolidated subsidiaries. References herein to “we,” “us,” “our,” the “Company” refer collectively to both Xerox Holdings and Xerox unless the context suggests otherwise. References to "Xerox Holdings Corporation" refer to the stand-alone parent company and do not include its subsidiaries. References to "Xerox Corporation" refer to the stand-alone company and do not include its subsidiaries.

The accompanying unaudited Condensed Consolidated Financial Statements and footnotes represent the respective, consolidated results and financial results of Xerox Holdings and Xerox and all respective companies that each registrant directly or indirectly controls, either through majority ownership or otherwise. This is a combined report of Xerox Holdings and Xerox, which includes separate unaudited Condensed Consolidated Financial Statements for each registrant.

The accompanying unaudited Condensed Consolidated Financial Statements of both Xerox Holdings and Xerox have been prepared in accordance with the accounting policies described in the Combined 2021 Annual Report on Form 10-K (2021 Annual Report), except as noted herein, and the interim reporting requirements of Form 10-Q. Accordingly, certain information and note disclosures normally included in our annual financial statements prepared in accordance with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America (GAAP) have been condensed or omitted. You should read these Condensed Consolidated Financial Statements in conjunction with the Consolidated Financial Statements included in the 2021 Annual Report.

In our opinion, all adjustments necessary for a fair statement of financial position, operating results and cash flows for the interim periods presented have been made. These adjustments consist of normal recurring items. Interim results of operations are not necessarily indicative of the results of the full year.

For convenience and ease of reference, we refer to the financial statement caption “(Loss) Income before Income Taxes and Equity Income” as “pre-tax (loss) income”.

Notes to the Condensed Consolidated Financial Statements reflect the activity for both Xerox Holdings and Xerox for all periods presented, unless otherwise noted.


During the first quarter of 2022, the Company made a change to its reportable segments from one reportable segment to two reportable segments - Print and Other, and Financing (FITTLE) - to align with a change in how the Chief Operating Decision Maker (CODM), our Chief Executive Officer (CEO), allocates resources and assesses performance against the Company’s key growth strategies. As such, prior period reportable segment results and related disclosures have been conformed to reflect the Company’s current reportable segments.

Refer to Note 4 - Segment Reporting for additional information regarding this change.


Interim Impairment Evaluation

Our goodwill balance was $3.3 billion at March 31, 2022 and December 31, 2021, respectively. The balance at December 31, 2021 reflects a pre-tax impairment charge of $781 recorded in the fourth quarter 2021 after completion of our fourth quarter annual goodwill impairment assessment. We assess goodwill for impairment at least annually during the fourth quarter and whenever events or changes in circumstances indicate that the carrying value may not be recoverable.

As noted above, during the first quarter 2022, the Company made a change to its operating and reportable segments from one operating/reportable segment - Printing - to two operating/reportable segments - Print and Other, and Financing (FITTLE). As a result of the new operating and reportable segments, we also reassessed our reporting units for the evaluation of goodwill. Prior to this change, consistent with the determinatio

Free historical financial statements for Xerox Holdings Corp.. See how revenue, income, cash flow, and balance sheet financials have changed over 26 quarters since 2017. Compare with XRX stock chart to see long term trends.

Data imported from Xerox Holdings Corp. SEC filings. Check original filings before making any investment decision.